Free Printable - Nature Bingo

Nature BINGO Boards ~ For Little Explorers


Are you ready to slow the pace down and explore the great outdoors with your little adventurers? We have some great news for you!   


Our printable Nature BINGO boards are great for the whole family and the best news is – they are FREE and can be used during all seasons!   

During these extraordinary times that we are all currently experiencing, a sensory-rich treasure hunt for your children and yourself may be a beautiful, welcomed distraction.   Encourage your little ones to use all of their senses to look (sight), feel (touch), listen (hear) and smell the objects found or listed on the page. 

Searching for objects in nature is not only a fun outdoor play idea for your child/ren, but it also has some hidden benefits that your little learners can embrace along the way.

It great for developing:

+ Language Skills

+ Literacy Skills

+ Social Skills

+ Visual Perceptual Skills

+ Sensory Regulation

+ Mind and Body Exercise

+ Connecting with nature

+ Mindfulness


The aim is to complete one BINGO grid by colouring in or circling 5 squares in a row in any direction, using the FREE PASS square if needed.  There are 6 BINGO boards with the same 25 words, however the words on each individual board are shuffled in different orders. 

Kids of all ages can join in on the fun! You could hunt individually, in groups or as a whole family – however works best for those involved at the time.   Remember that the aim isn’t to race, it’s to embrace and engage with the natural world around us and to most importantly – wander the wild and have FUN!


These printable nature BINGO boards can be used as a birthday party favour, as some backyard fun, while away camping, in an education setting, at the beach or simply at a local park or on a walking track – the uses are endless! Your foraged treasures found in nature could be used in arts and crafts, for display on a nature table or you could participate in a nature exchange with friends/family.

You may like to laminate your BINGO boards to make them reusable and for longevity and/or print as 2 or 4 to a page or back to back to save paper. 


Grab your printed BINGO sheets, clipboard, magnifying glass, pencil and explorer basket and let’s go and explore the wild!

We'd love you to leave any feedback or comments for us below if you give this activity a go! 


Download your copy here:  NATURE BINGO


Rani + Kirsty x


 Important Reminders:

  • Have fun – it is a beautiful time for connection!
  • Educate your children about the importance of not pulling leaves and flowers off living plants and trees. Nature is incredibly important to the wildlife and we should never interfere with that (especially bird nests, spider webs, ant mounds etc).  We should only collect items that are already lying on the nature bed/ground. 
  • Ensure you speak with your child about what to do with rubbish if they find any – Is it safe to pick up?
  • Ensure you speak to your child about not actually tasting any objects as it could make them ill.
  • If you don’t have a printer, simply going on a nature walk with your little ones and collecting fallen treasures in their baskets will also provide a beautiful sensory experience for all involved.


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