Wild Adventures with 'Travelling Folk Stories'


Welcome to our series of interviews showcasing some inspiring families who  share their stories of travel, parenthood and work mixed with their life dreams, goals and advice.  

Introducing you to Nadine - photographer, business coach and founder of Kinfolk Pantry.  She passed on her very successful business to pursue the life of her dreams, working on the road with her beautiful family.  Come along with us and get a glimpse into their inspiring, nature-filled life!

Wild Life

Share with us about yourself, your background, your family and your business…

Mother of 4, travelling Australia full-time with my family chasing new adventures.


What are 1 or 2 non-negotiable things that you do for yourself every day?

Coffee of course and morning snuggles with the family, starting the day off with an energy boost and love.


What do you hope your children take away from the beautiful, intentional childhood you’re providing for them?

To LIVE, don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle trying to collect materials, instead collect memories!


Why is nature and the wild outdoors important to you?

Because of its physical and mental benefits it has to offer, reconnecting with the Earth does wonders, we now crave being outdoors.


Wildest and best place you’ve travelled?

Upper Orara, an absolutely magical place not too far from Coffs Harbour. 

Wild Work

Are you currently working at the moment?  If so, what do you do and what led you there?

After passing on @kinfolkpantry to another family, I now focus my energy into my photography and business coaching, I find so much joy in helping others create their own business journey. @travellingfolkstories & @gingerbrandingstudio is where you can find me. 


What are your future work or business goals/dreams?

As a family we would love to work long term with lifestyle brands that align with our ethos and beliefs.


What is one piece of business advice you’d give?

Don’t overwork yourself, you have to nourish to flourish. 

Wild Advice

What are your top 3 tips for living a whole and happy life?

Hmm this is a hard one, I feel like I'm still learning and finding a balance, but I believe honesty and empathy are so important. 


What is one key piece of advice you would share with parents who are motivated to incorporate nature into their everyday lives?

Let them explore, don’t let the mess scare you off! 


Top 5 things you wouldn’t camp/travel without?

1. Patience

2. Waterproof clothes, gumboots and water sandals

3. Towel ponchos

4.  First Aid Kit

5.  Plenty of snacks!

Wildest Dreams

Do you have a life goal?

We would love to own land one day and build a farm stay for families to enjoy.


What do you hope to be known for - your legacy?

Living life to the fullest and being present! 


Fav Quote: "Let Them Be Little"
Fav Book: How Not To Die by
Fav Children’s Book: Gumnut Babies by
Fav Food: Sucker for sweets
Fav Drink: Caramel Latte
Fav Holiday Destination: Wyangala Dam
Your Happy Place:hOut bust
Something you want to Learn: How to sew


IG handles: @travellingfolkstories@gingerbrandingstudio & @d4tdv8
Websites: https://msha.ke/travellingfolkstories/ and https://msha.ke/gingerbrandingstudio/

We are so grateful that we have been able to feature Nadine and her beautiful family on our Journal.  

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