How to be a little explorer

Let curiosity guide you, take the unchartered path. Be amazed by nature’s tiny details. Relish in rainswept days, jump + splash in puddles. Soak up the sunshine, swim in the rivers + swing from the trees. Close your eyes, listen to your soul’s song. Gather by campfires, gaze at the stars, whisper your stories to the moon. Live with your head in the clouds + your feet in the dirt. Wander in wonder, have a wild heart. 

one order = three trees planted

At Wander and Wild, we aim to make a positive change and reduce our impact on planet Earth. We want to inspire our little explorers to respect, love and care for our one wild and precious planet, and also give back by helping restore and protect wild places. For every order we recieve, a donation will be made on your behalf, which will fund the planting of three trees.