Our mini explorer baskets are made with durable, strong and flexible elephant grass and will be flat packed when shipping to you to help minimise postage costs. When elephant grass gets wet, it's pliable and you are able to use your hands to mould your basket back into its original shape. If your beautiful basket has just arrived folded down in the post or it needs a little re-shape, simply follow these easy steps below and you will get years of use from these environmentally friendly baskets!  

1. Push out the base of your basket and thoroughly wet with water using a tap, hose or dipping in a sink filled with cool water. Take care NOT to wet the leather handle.

2. Leave your basket for a minute to soak in the water and become pliable.

3. Start to mould your basket to a nice round shape. We find tapping and smoothing out the inside wall of your basket helps to get a nice round shape and finish to the base. Take care though, as sometimes the elephant grass can spike your fingers when smoothing.  

4. Leave your basket to dry out in the sun or indoors under a fan. It will harden up once dry and will hold the shape it has been moulded to.  (Never store your basket away wet or damp as it is a natural fibre and may go mouldy).

5. Your basket is now ready to use and enjoy for many years to come! You can reshape your basket as many times as you need.  Please contact us if you need further assistance on shaping your explorer baskets or check out our highlight reel on Instagram for a step-by-step tutorial.  

Caring for your explorer basket

The explorer baskets are made from elephant grass which, if abused or misused, will abrade or break.  To keep your baskets always looking their best, here are our special care tips;

+ Always dry out your basket promptly if it gets wet to prevent mould/mildew growing.

+ NEVER store your basket away when it is damp.  If you spill anything in your basket simply wash it out using a hose (water only - no detergents) and be sure to dry it out straight away in the sun or under a fan.

+ If it goes a bit misshaped after plenty of use, please follow the above 'basket shaping' instructions.

+ Always store your basket in the shade as full sun will fade any natural dyes used to colour the elephant grass.  It must also see some light.  If your basket is locked away in a cupboard, mould will very likely grow on it.  

+ If you happen to live in a particularly humid climate, spraying your basket with diluted clove oil will help to prevent mould from growing on the elephant grass or leather handle.The leather handle can be protected and conditioned with pure beeswax or other commercial leather conditioners/protectors.

+ Avoid dragging your basket along rough surfaces.

+ Wet and dry your basket at least once a year to preserve the elephant grass and keep dust at bay.

+ Last but not least, bolga baskets are world renowned for their durability and strength however it can only carry weight within reason. To prevent your basket from weakening or breaking, we recommend you do not overload it.

 ** Please note: Due to the handwoven nature of these bolga baskets, colours/sizes may differ slightly from the images and the item may have characteristic blemishes on the base and handle that reflect the imperfections of human endeavour, and which add to their unique authenticity. No two items will be identical.