Shaping your basket is easy and will only take you a few minutes.

1. First you need to push out the base of your basket and then thoroughly wet with water. Take care not to wet the leather handle.

2. Leave your basket for a minute to soak in the water and become pliable.

3. Then start to mould it to a round shape. We find tapping the inside wall of the basket helps to get a nice, rounded shape and smooth finish to your basket.

4. Leave your basket to dry out in the sun or under a fan. It will harden up once dry and will hold the shape it has been moulded to.

The basket is now ready for endless adventures. You can reshape your basket as many times as you need.

To ensure you get years of use from your beautiful basket, here are some tips to properly care for it: 

  • It’s okay if your basket gets wet whilst adventuring, just place it out to thoroughly dry in the sun or under a fan.  You can wet and reshape your basket as many times as you need.

  • Spray the elephant grass on your basket with diluted clove oil to prevent mould developing in humid climates.  Never store the basket in a dark space, always ensure it can see natural light with plenty of air flow.  Wipe down with warm water if needed.  

  • The baskets are made from elephant grass which, if misused or overloaded, could abrade or break.  Refrain from dragging your basket on rough surfaces. 

  • Regularly wipe down the leather with a leather conditioner, beeswax or coconut oil to reduce mould growth and avoid cracking of the leather. 

  • Avoid leaving your basket in the sun or elements for long periods of time to prevent fading or damaging of the leather handles.  

Gift your basket lots of love with endless outdoor adventure! 


Vegan wander and wild basket sitting on tree trunk
Child wearing gumboots holding woven basket filled with a magnifying glass

Little Explorer Basket - Vegan

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Children's woven basket with tan handle filled with vegetables in the garden
Little boy sitting with kid's woven basket while exploring in nature

Little Explorer Basket - Tan

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Children's play basket sitting in the garden
Four kids in forest exploring with magnifying glasses and natural woven basket

Little Explorer Basket - Brown

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Wander and Wild woven bolga basket with black handle
Little Explorer Basket - Black

Little Explorer Basket - Black

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