We are Kirsty + Rani; friends, mothers, creatives, nature lovers, chai tea fanatics and giggly girls-at-heart. 

We met in the most magical place, while both on separate quests to find a community of mamas who shared our passion for littlies connecting and learning through nature play. When we finally discovered this beautiful village (and each other), we had no idea that – fast forward a few years - we would together realise our dreams of bringing a kids’ outdoor adventure brand to life!   

We live on Queensland’s glorious Sunshine Coast and both have families who adore camping and exploring nature’s wonder in all weather conditions. What we did not have – despite endless searches - was any luck in finding children’s gumboots that we adored. So, after countless late nights and Pinterest boards; huge amounts of patience and persistence (thanks to COVID-19 and failed samples); and buckets of love, heart and soul, we are so proud to share our Wander + Wild creations with you.

At Wander + Wild, our hope is that our timeless, earth-inspired outdoor wear encourages you and your loved ones to #findthewild. Through our products, we hope to bring people together in nature and nurture their connection with, and respect for, our incredible planet. 

We welcome you to our store and our community with open arms and grateful hearts.

Kirsty + Rani