Wander + Wild gumboots are available in 15 children’s sizes, ranging from a US 4 (TODDLER) at 14cm to size 5 (KIDS) at 23.6cm.

Please view the gumboot sizing tool printable below for recommendations on how to best measure your little one's feet.

Please note: This sizing chart is a guide and measures length only, the widths aren't accurately represented. Please print at 100% scale. Please read the measuring tips below in the next section if you don't have access to a printer.

gumboot sizing printable PDF


If you are unable to print the above sizing tool, please ask your child to stand on a piece of paper and mark the tip of their big toe and the rear of their heel, then measure the distance between them (in centimetres). Remember to do both feet, as they can be different sizes.

We recommend choosing the correct size for the biggest foot and adding 1-1.5cm when purchasing to allow for socks, growth and comfort.  

If you are still not sure about which size would be correct for your little one, please fill out the contact us form and we will be happy to help. Please view our returns policy should the incorrect size be selected.

Table Legend: T=Toddler size. Please note headings at top of table for approx age category.


To get the longest and most enjoyable adventures out of your boots, please:

+       Carefully slide feet out of boots using hands (not the other foot) to avoid heel damage.

+       Wipe over boots with a damp cloth and warm water after wear to remove all excess dirt and allow them to dry before storing.

+       Keeping your boots clean and applying a silicone spray (like this one) regularly onto the rubber will help to add moisture and help prevent cracking and blooming.

+       Clean the soles with a dry brush or toothbrush to remove dirt.

+      Store boots in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight (never near a heater or in a heat room).

Remember scuffing and general wear and tear are to be expected as your child explores the wild. Natural rubber will fade and crack if left in the sun and lining may detach if left damp for long periods.


Do you have a little puddle jumper who frequently fills their boots with water? If so, below are some tips to help dry them out inside to protect the lining.

+      Firstly, follow above instructions to clean and oil outside of boots.

+      Turn the wet boots upside down to drain away any water, rocks or dirt. Then remove the insole and wipe away any dirt and mud by gently patting and squeezing with a paper towel or cloth. Pop the insoles aside in a spot to dry out.

+      Stuff old newspaper or paper towel into the boot. Leave some room for the paper to expand as it draws in the moisture and place boots upside down somewhere indoors and dry. Change the paper and replace with more as it absorbs the moisture.

+      After 24 hours, repeat the process again if required, until the lining is dry. Place dry insoles back inside and now you ready for more muddy adventures!!

The better you care for your boots, the longer they will last to pass onto future Little Explorers!