Egg Shell Seed Planting Craft

Egg Shell Seed Planting

Are you looking for a fun little Science and gardening project to complete with your little ones over the Spring school holidays or Easter period?   Upcycle your egg shells and egg cartons to create these gorgeous seedling vessels within minutes! 

For this gardening project you will need:

+ Some egg shells and a carton to sit them in

+ Seeds of your choice

+ Seedling soil or potting mix and bowl

+ Spoon or spade (& gloves if you choose)


1. Firstly, you'll need to use a knife to lightly tap the egg shells near the top to gently break.  Once broken, empty egg contents and use your fingers to break off any extra shell to form a hollow for the soil to sit.  Rinse out your egg shells and place them back into the carton.  You may like to even draw little faces onto your egg shells!

2. Next, you will use the spoon or spade to scoop a small amount of the soil and place some in the bottom of each egg

3. Sprinkle your chosen seeds into the egg shells so that they sit on top of the soil.  You may like to write/draw a little map so that you know which seeds you popped into which egg shell or you could label some paddle pop sticks and insert them into the soil.

4. Cover the seeds with some more soil so that you can't see them anymore. 

5. Lastly, moisten your soil with a watering can or spray bottle and pop them outdoors in a well lit area or on a window sill inside.  Make sure you continue to water your seeds and ensure they are exposed to plenty of light.

6. Once the seeds start to germinate and grow, you can plant the entire shell into the soil without needing to disrupt the seedlings' delicate root system.  The egg shells are fully composable and may also help to provide extra nutrients and protection to the seedling.   You may like to make a small hole on the bottom before planting into the ground to help the delicate roots make their way out into the garden soil.  The greatest thing about this project is that nothing ever goes to waste! 

Relax and watch your precious new seedlings appear over a few days.   You may even like to get the magnifying glasses out to view them closely. Our range of Little Gardener’s Seeds and children’s gardening tools below would be perfect for this project also! 



If you make re-create this gorgeous activity, please share it with us via our social media channels!  We'd love nothing more than to see and share them with the rest of our community! 

Big love and Happy Easter!

Rani + Kirsty xx


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