Easter Bunny Nature Craft Printable

To help celebrate Easter and bring families and friends together, we have created a FREE Nature Bunny activity for you to complete with your little explorers. 

Simply print the template via the button below and take your little loves outdoors to forage for nature treasures to decorate the bunny's face and ears. 

You may collect and use fallen leaves, bark, flowers, feathers, grass, shells.. the possibilities are endless.  

Arrange your nature finds on the page and use glue to secure them onto the paper. 

Gather your printed Nature Bunny activity sheet and explorer basket and let’s go outdoors and explore the wild!


This is such a sensory rich activity that can create wonder and awe and deep discussions about the beauty that surrounds us.

If you enjoyed this craft and created it with your children or the children in your community, please tag us on your socials and share the love. 

Thank you endlessly for your continued support of Wander + Wild.  Wishing you a safe and joyful Easter with your loved ones.
Kirsty + Rani x


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