World Bee Day 2022


20TH MAY 2022

Today is World Bee Day! 

Bees could quite possibly be one of the most important, magnificent and hardest working living creature on our planet! The world needs bees to survive and thrive. Where trees and woods are essential to filter our air, bees are vital to both pollinate the food we need to survive and to pollinate many of the trees and flowers that provide habitats for wildlife. 

It is estimated that about one-third of global food production requires animal pollination and that 80-90% of this role is carried out by honey bees.

There are over 20,000 species of bee that exist globally and Australia is home to around 2,000 species of native bee. Bee populations are under threat and sadly, there has been a vast bee decline across the world. Without bees, our food security, biodiversity and ecosystems are at risk!  So what can we all do to help?


Here are 8 actions that you can take to help save the bees today!

  1. Plant a Bee Garden - one of the largest threats to bees is the lack of safe habitats where bees can build a home.   To encourage native pollinators, plant native, bee-friendly flowering plants such as Lavender, Grevilias or Cosmos.
  2. Switch to 'Chemical Free' - avoid treating your yard with synthetics and pesticides, instead opt for organic and natural practices.
  3. Provide Trees for the Bees - bees get most of their nectar from trees. when a tree blooms, it provides 100's and 1000's of blossoms to feed on.
  4. Create a Bee Bath - fill a shallow bird bath or bowl with clean water and arrange pebbles and stones inside so that bees can have a drink.
  5. Build a Home for Native Bees - leave some wild space in your yard for bees to build a home. some species of bees prefer a "bee hotel" with pieces of bamboo and foraged finds to allow bees to find and build a safe home.
  6. Support Local Beekeepers - purchase honey and bee's wax products from your local farmers/beekeepers and attend local events which support them.
  7. Donate to a Bee Charity - give time, resources, and monetary donations to local beekeeping societies and environmental groups to help their programs to grow, educate and make a difference.
  8. Educate Tomorrow's Bee Keepers - inspire the next generation of eco citizens by reading books about bees and providing guided lessons and activities on the importance of protecting our bees. Visit for more inspiration and information!


Let’s celebrate World Bee Day together, raise awareness and do something good for the amazing bees.

If we look after our precious bees, they will look after us!

PS - Check out this great website for events happening in your area - World Bee Day


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