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Welcome to our series of interviews showcasing some inspiring families who  share their stories of travel, parenthood and work mixed with their life dreams, goals and advice.  

Introducing you to Kirianna and her gorgeous family from @rileys_travels who are currently living on the road and completing their second lap of Australia in their gorgeous 1962 Kombi, Izzie.  Come along with us and get a glimpse into their adventurous, nature-filled life!


Wild Life

Share with us about yourself, your background and your family…  

Hey, I'm Kirianna; Mother to Riley, 4 and Alba, 2. We are a passionate and adventurous family, travelling full time since 2013. Lachlan, my husband and father to our incredibly fun and wild two children is normally a pilot and the reason we have managed to see so much of the world. Since COVID-19, we have been living on the road in our 1962 Kombi named Izzie. It’s crazy and fun and the best part - we are all together!


What are 1 or 2 non-negotiable things that you do for yourself every day?  

Hot coffee and moisturise.  It sounds tame but vanlife can interrupt these simple things.


What do you hope your children take away from the beautiful, intentional childhood you’re providing for them?  

Empathy, I would love them to feel relatable. I hope they can sit with anyone one day and allow people to feel and be comfortable in their company.


Why is nature and the wild outdoors important to you?

Honestly I'm very fearful of the big, wild world.  I love how unpredictable it is and how it can become untame at any time. In return for fighting these fears, I grow and that’s what makes it beautiful. 


Wildest and best place you’ve travelled?

Wild would be Morocco and best would be Cuba.


Wild Work

Are you currently working at the moment? If so, what do you do and what led you there?

Organically I have become a travel  influencer, we found ourselves here after highlighting our travels on social media with our babies. Today we sell our photography to tourism boards, travel magazines and company blogs.


What are your future work or business goals/dreams?

Since COVID-19, our dream would be to return to Tokyo and for my husband to fly as a pilot again.


What is one piece of business advice you’d give?

Stay true to yourself.


Wild Advice

What are your top 3 tips for living a whole and happy life?

+ Speak about your dreams

+ Give everything a go

+ No, is never really no


What is one key piece of advice you would share with parents who are motivated to incorporate nature into their everyday lives?

Small steps - food is a great place to start and very simple. Growing some herbs creates a meal.


Top 5 things you wouldn’t camp/travel without?

  1. Foldable bath, I love a clean bedtime baby.
  2. Coffee
  3. Packing cubes
  4. Insulated water bottles
  5. Bucket and spade

Wildest Dreams

Do you have a life goal?

To raise good humans.  That would make me incredibly proud.


What do you hope to be known for - your legacy?

Someone who lived life whole-heartedly.


Wild Rapid-Fire Questions...

Fav Quote: “What if I fall?  Oh, but darling, but what if you fly?"- e.h

Fav Book: Time Traveler's Wife

Fav Children’s Book: A Lion In The Meadow - Margaret Mahy

Fav Food: Tacos

Fav Drink:  Gin

Fav Holiday Destination: Italy

Your Happy Place: A hot bath

Something you want to Learn: To speak spanish


We are so grateful that we have been able to feature Kirianna, Lockie, Riley and Alba on our Journal.  You can follow and find this inspiring family at: 

IG: @rileys_travels

Website: https://rileystravels.com 


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